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What Our Parents Say

"We love Miss. Jenny's art classes! She is a fun and engaging teacher who walks the kids through each step and empowers them to make masterpieces! We especially enjoy that she incorporates art history and different artists into her teaching. She has created a unique art class that helps the kids tap into their inner artist in a fun and enjoyable way. She makes it easy to make amazing art!"

- Misty Marie

“Ms. Jenny has clever ways in teaching the kids some of the more challenging art projects and make it looks so easy for the children to complete. She is open with ideas that let my son express in some of his art projects. She is patient and always making sure that everyone follows along. My son is very fond of her and eager to sit in each class."

- Jen Huey


Art Validates a Child's Self-Esteem

Studies show that creating art can reinforce the uniqueness of a child, making them feel a sense of accomplishment and of self -worth.

Art Promotes Social and Personal Growth

Artistic activities promote growth and positive social skills, including self-confidence, self-control, conflict resolution, collaboration, empathy and social tolerance.

  Art Improves  Academic Performance

Research shows that children given the opportunity to express themselves creatively are more well adjusted, happier human beings.

Miss Jenny's

 Art Classes

  • Benefit 1: Children learn self reliance
  • Benefit 2: Kids find ways to create
  • Benefit 3: Parents get some time to themselves

Get the first month Free if you sign up today!

Jennifer Morey Cunningham

Artist/Art Teacher

About The Teacher:

Jennifer Morey Cunningham 
It’s been 10 years since she expanded her professional art career to teach children as well. Hundreds of children’s lives have been enriched by her classes. She has given them the gift of creative tools to express themselves.
While kids are learning fine art techniques she is giving wise advice about life. Coming from the perspective of a mom who’s raised children she is very an Artist whose vision is to open children up to their creative selves. She teaches art to all ages and levels of experience.

“A creative outlet is a wonderful way to move through life’s challenges. I want to give kids, artistic tools and a way to rise above their circumstances. Creating art is something that always makes me feel better no matter what is happening in my life."

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